Respuesta para la Paz

Civil Society

¡Our activities !

 Interdisciplinary Mediation Center (IMC)

We work addressing the conflicts that people, groups, institutions and charitable organizations have from a perspective of efficient and productive communication that allows dialogue and exchange until finding possible areas of agreement between them, within a framework of confidentiality and respect.

 Training School

From the beginning, the Training School was established in order to provide the tools and practice conflict resolution skills:

  • dialogue and consensus
  • active communication
  • peace culture
  • mediation
  • negotiation

through workshops, courses, presentations, conferences and seminars both to resolve interpersonal conflicts and team or institutional management.

Research Institute

Another of the pillars of ARP is the research institute for peace that permanently articulates theories with practices and thus new programs that are more efficient are developed.

Based on the principles of "Active Peace", the research focuses on generating knowledge, disseminating information through projects that provide tools for peacebuilding.