Interdisciplinary Mediation Center

Being interdisciplinary mediations, the mediators collaborate so that the needs, fears, and concerns of the parties to the conflict can be recognized and they are not harmed and, despite the complexity of the cases, coincidences are sought that allow a positive result to be achieved.

Mediators are impartial and work taking into account that the parties design their agreements and understand their implications and responsibility.

Research School

Research for Peace is central to ARP's activities. Educating in Positive Peace, active communication, negotiation are necessary tools to form the society that we believe and want.


Answer for Peace in the Media 

International Day of Peace 2021

Social networks are today the main meeting point for thousands of young people and adults. Their use, like any other tool, can be vital for the construction of a harmonious and effective coexistence.

21 ACTIONS TO PROMOTE PEACE aimed to provide a brief glimpse of the small actions that we as individuals can achieve.